Mouser RPG

Another's Arms

by Coldplay

As the Apple dumpling gang began to bust their way into their fortress, Gloryspine hoisted the head of their leader on his sword and met them at the door, claiming leadership by combat. After Dolem convinced the others to fall in line, they proposed a harvest-able way to salvage the gang. Make the Apple farm profitable that their base was on. Wallace, one of the bandits started right away in preparing the land. The group headed back to town to collect their bounty, getting teleported to the Empress herself, with whom they shared recent events.

After meeting with the High Empress of the Human Empire; Elvis, Gloryspine, Mazos, and Dolem headed back into town, seeing the smoking crater in the merchant district. After wading their way through the crowds they found none other at the epicenter than Wyn, Kai, Daewyn, and Cara. While Wyn regaled the others with a masterful song spun to explain the recent events, while the guards listened, Cara took this opportunity to search the rubble finding some partially burned incriminating notes. After a few minutes, Mazos collapsed to the ground, convulsing with tentacles eeking out of his nose mouth and ears. after he appeared comatose, they took him to his room, wondering what they could do, if anything…

The group split up to search for Daewyn a new arm, and to steel themselves for the journey into the Underdark. Elvis and Kai managed to enlist the help of the Renowned Elven smith Khataan who would make them defensive helmets and necklaces against Xandarius the Illithid’s powers.

Meanwhile Daewyn, Dolem, and Wyn went to an Orc Shamn, Grick outside of the town. He offered them an assortment of limbs to choose from, with her deciding to bear a Lich’s arm…



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