Mouser RPG

The Dopplegang's all here!

Our Heroes split into two separate groups hoping to take on some emergencies before heading into the Belly of the Whale that is the Underdark. With Elvis’s cunning plan, Dolum Stello & Mazos were able to disguise themselves as two of the Red Bandits, hoping to lower the defenses for Gloryspine, Elvis and Snaps, so they could take out this bandit group.

Meanwhile Wyn, Cara, Kai, & Daewyn followed the leads Wyn had found, using Cara’s criminal links to narrow the list of suspects down. While the first stop was a dead end, the second spot, an Alconsulting Business home of Karyn Littlefoot proved to be fruitful. Cara went to snoop upstairs while Wyn distracted Karyn as a potential buyer. Cara seemed to be in over her head when she was surprised by a Doppleganger, who shifted to assume her identity. However, the bond between friends is strong, and Kai and Wyn noticed something was amiss. As a dagger flew across the room, it appeared that this was going to be quite the fight.



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