Mouser RPG

Smoking is bad for your elf

With our heroes Dolum and Mazos heading into the belly of the beast, their other compatriots were disguised as trophies of the hunt. Mazos managed to weasel his way into the Red Bandit’s Boss’ Office, while the Disguised Dolem had tricked the current gang members to go outside and prepare for the nonexistent attack on their base. Mazos approached the boss and summoned his blade, piercing the Boss with blade and poison. However, this took Mazos from the frying pan and into the fire as the boss breathed an inferno of flames at him. The hideout was destroyed as the Boss transformed into a Great Red Dragon. Elvis immediately started loosing arrow after arrow at the beast as Mazos climbed up his back. The day went to Gloryspine though as he channeled his righteous fury into smiting blow after smiting blow, decapitating the beast. Now while they were victorious, they heard the rumblings outside of the Red Bandits trying to get back in…

Meanwhile Daewyn realized something was wrong with Cara and began to try to beguile her. The Doppelganger morphed into the monk Kai and began to fight her, Kai, and Wyn. Meanwhile Cara groggily awoke upstairs and found another doppel on the second story balcony. Karyn the Halfling began to make crude bombs in the office and hurl them out onto Wyn, Kai, and Daewyn. As they echanged blows, Wyn began to bolster the other’s vitality. When the Doppel tried to attack back, Kai hit him with a force unequal, shattering the DoppelKai’s shoulder. As the bombs became a nuisance, Daewyn moved to the office to stop the halfling. She saw the office littered with explosives. As the firebug became seemingly possessed, Kai shouted in vain to stop her. Then the explosion hit. Kai found the others in the wreckage with Wyn and brought them back from door’s death however, none of them were prepared for Daewyn, whose left arm ended abruptly in a charred stump. ..



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