Mouser RPG

Beakman of Hope

After arriving back in Tebbinth, the group managed to receive a few good luck gifts from the Empress, to aid them in their quest, in order to know what they were going to face, they investigated, learning terrible truths about reality, and the Weirding forges. As they prepared to march out upon the Underdark, Dolem received a word from Elmont, that they would begin their raid of the Eclipse, routing them out so they could rally to the cause of protecting the Realm proper. However, there are many ears in Tebbinth, and the Eclipse learned of the attack.

They struck at the city, rising up and immediately taking over the Coronal Guard’s headquarters, effectively choking the City’s defenders. The party woke up in the early morning to smoke and bells, running down through the inn they found scores of the Eclipse walkers pillaging the town. The Eclipse had one goal. destruciton.

Gloryspine rallied outside to route off some of the raiders, with the others following close behind. The Barbeariella, transformed as a raging Rhino, gored the would-be sackers as she rallied to the party. Elvis nocked arrow after arrow shooting them down, while the battle song of Wyn inspired the party, and the floundering 73 Suns.

Meanwhile, Daewyn inspected the battlefield from the rooftops taking out victims of the slaughter before the worst could happen to them, she met up with Cara, who had filled her pockets with some spoils in the chaos.

After Dolem finished off the group with a fire ball, the party ran to aid citizens at the library. After speaking to the guards, Gloryspine found out that the Headquarters was taken over, and rallied them to take it back, for Science…



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