Mouser RPG

Beakman of Hope

After arriving back in Tebbinth, the group managed to receive a few good luck gifts from the Empress, to aid them in their quest, in order to know what they were going to face, they investigated, learning terrible truths about reality, and the Weirding forges. As they prepared to march out upon the Underdark, Dolem received a word from Elmont, that they would begin their raid of the Eclipse, routing them out so they could rally to the cause of protecting the Realm proper. However, there are many ears in Tebbinth, and the Eclipse learned of the attack.

They struck at the city, rising up and immediately taking over the Coronal Guard’s headquarters, effectively choking the City’s defenders. The party woke up in the early morning to smoke and bells, running down through the inn they found scores of the Eclipse walkers pillaging the town. The Eclipse had one goal. destruciton.

Gloryspine rallied outside to route off some of the raiders, with the others following close behind. The Barbeariella, transformed as a raging Rhino, gored the would-be sackers as she rallied to the party. Elvis nocked arrow after arrow shooting them down, while the battle song of Wyn inspired the party, and the floundering 73 Suns.

Meanwhile, Daewyn inspected the battlefield from the rooftops taking out victims of the slaughter before the worst could happen to them, she met up with Cara, who had filled her pockets with some spoils in the chaos.

After Dolem finished off the group with a fire ball, the party ran to aid citizens at the library. After speaking to the guards, Gloryspine found out that the Headquarters was taken over, and rallied them to take it back, for Science…

Another's Arms
by Coldplay

As the Apple dumpling gang began to bust their way into their fortress, Gloryspine hoisted the head of their leader on his sword and met them at the door, claiming leadership by combat. After Dolem convinced the others to fall in line, they proposed a harvest-able way to salvage the gang. Make the Apple farm profitable that their base was on. Wallace, one of the bandits started right away in preparing the land. The group headed back to town to collect their bounty, getting teleported to the Empress herself, with whom they shared recent events.

After meeting with the High Empress of the Human Empire; Elvis, Gloryspine, Mazos, and Dolem headed back into town, seeing the smoking crater in the merchant district. After wading their way through the crowds they found none other at the epicenter than Wyn, Kai, Daewyn, and Cara. While Wyn regaled the others with a masterful song spun to explain the recent events, while the guards listened, Cara took this opportunity to search the rubble finding some partially burned incriminating notes. After a few minutes, Mazos collapsed to the ground, convulsing with tentacles eeking out of his nose mouth and ears. after he appeared comatose, they took him to his room, wondering what they could do, if anything…

The group split up to search for Daewyn a new arm, and to steel themselves for the journey into the Underdark. Elvis and Kai managed to enlist the help of the Renowned Elven smith Khataan who would make them defensive helmets and necklaces against Xandarius the Illithid’s powers.

Meanwhile Daewyn, Dolem, and Wyn went to an Orc Shamn, Grick outside of the town. He offered them an assortment of limbs to choose from, with her deciding to bear a Lich’s arm…

Smoking is bad for your elf

With our heroes Dolum and Mazos heading into the belly of the beast, their other compatriots were disguised as trophies of the hunt. Mazos managed to weasel his way into the Red Bandit’s Boss’ Office, while the Disguised Dolem had tricked the current gang members to go outside and prepare for the nonexistent attack on their base. Mazos approached the boss and summoned his blade, piercing the Boss with blade and poison. However, this took Mazos from the frying pan and into the fire as the boss breathed an inferno of flames at him. The hideout was destroyed as the Boss transformed into a Great Red Dragon. Elvis immediately started loosing arrow after arrow at the beast as Mazos climbed up his back. The day went to Gloryspine though as he channeled his righteous fury into smiting blow after smiting blow, decapitating the beast. Now while they were victorious, they heard the rumblings outside of the Red Bandits trying to get back in…

Meanwhile Daewyn realized something was wrong with Cara and began to try to beguile her. The Doppelganger morphed into the monk Kai and began to fight her, Kai, and Wyn. Meanwhile Cara groggily awoke upstairs and found another doppel on the second story balcony. Karyn the Halfling began to make crude bombs in the office and hurl them out onto Wyn, Kai, and Daewyn. As they echanged blows, Wyn began to bolster the other’s vitality. When the Doppel tried to attack back, Kai hit him with a force unequal, shattering the DoppelKai’s shoulder. As the bombs became a nuisance, Daewyn moved to the office to stop the halfling. She saw the office littered with explosives. As the firebug became seemingly possessed, Kai shouted in vain to stop her. Then the explosion hit. Kai found the others in the wreckage with Wyn and brought them back from door’s death however, none of them were prepared for Daewyn, whose left arm ended abruptly in a charred stump. ..

The Dopplegang's all here!

Our Heroes split into two separate groups hoping to take on some emergencies before heading into the Belly of the Whale that is the Underdark. With Elvis’s cunning plan, Dolum Stello & Mazos were able to disguise themselves as two of the Red Bandits, hoping to lower the defenses for Gloryspine, Elvis and Snaps, so they could take out this bandit group.

Meanwhile Wyn, Cara, Kai, & Daewyn followed the leads Wyn had found, using Cara’s criminal links to narrow the list of suspects down. While the first stop was a dead end, the second spot, an Alconsulting Business home of Karyn Littlefoot proved to be fruitful. Cara went to snoop upstairs while Wyn distracted Karyn as a potential buyer. Cara seemed to be in over her head when she was surprised by a Doppleganger, who shifted to assume her identity. However, the bond between friends is strong, and Kai and Wyn noticed something was amiss. As a dagger flew across the room, it appeared that this was going to be quite the fight.

The Gang's all here

After experiencing severe hallucinations, Dex’s Mark of Justice made him feel it was imperative to Emulate the fabulous Glory Spine. Elvis and Kai managed to point down the general location of Xandarius, an Illithid who’s teamed up with the forces of hell to rattle reality. The group didn’t feel quite prepared to chase him and have decided to take on a job from the Hunter’s guild for it’s healthy ransom, hoping that the spoils will allow them to properly prepare for their journey into the Underdark. Elvis, Gloryspine, Dex, Dolem, and Snaps have decided to take on a murderous bandit group wanted for crimes against the crown. Cara, Daewyn, Kai, and their new compatriot Wyn have decided to look into the sinister attack on the Wizarding University.

Throw up the Gauntlet

While some of our heroes defeated the Hellspawn in the Bank Vaults, Mazos and Elmont realized they were being followed by assassins. Daewyn managed to stumble on the scene and helped Mazos get the jump on the Assassins, who were looking for Gloryspine. Mazos ended up hurting one of them, triggering his Mark of Justice in an explosive style.


Meanwhile, Win started to investigate the explosion at the Wizarding university, finding alchemical traces left by a terrorist organization

Mark of Justice

After emerging from Vaqir’s lair, the adventurers were set upon by a troop of the 73 Suns’ Coronal Guard. Mazos banished the captain and a scuffle began ending with Mazos embodying a Chinchilla, and the group being teleported to the city of Tebbinth for questioning. Elvis let the 73 Suns know what had happened, and a judge for the Suns placed a Mark of Justice upon Mazos forbidding him from harming people withing the city, or be cursed with a debilitating sickness, Elmont Baxter, the captain of the Coronal guard prepared to ask the group questions and shed some insight upon Weirding forges, and the Vault that the adventurers desprately need to get into.


The Players continued questioned the trapped Abolith Vaqir, after a warlock striking a deal to ensure them the aid they needed for the future.

As they Emerged from the water temple, They were observed by the Coronal Guard. After the captain of the guard mysteriously disappeared the remaining guard put a blade to Dolum Stello.

Trogdor the Sinkanator

After a hardfought battle with trolls in the early morning hours, a subset of camp set out to explore east of camp.

After a couple of minutes some flickering lights got the party’s attention. Sometimes the lights would move closer and sometimes further away… The party began to follow the lights…. Seemingly not making any progress Trogdor took off running after the lights only to find himself knee deep in quicksand.

Soon the lights attacked…. The party was able to hold off the Will o’ wisps in the end however thanks to quick thinking by Daewyn (Daeris) and Dolum Stello.

XP: 675
1 Sapphire (unappraised)
1 Small blue prism

Trolling in the swamp

The group camped out in the swamp on their way to the water temple. Despite a well laid camp and watch, no one knew that the Monk would give their position away by his stench.

3 Trolls were quickly upon the group and quickly caused the monk to retreat. The group was able to take advantage of being hidden in the hut and was able to best the trolls. Once thyey realized a little fire would be required..

A curious thing once again occurred around Dolum Stello who had poisonous snaked magically appear at his feet.

Oh well.. Morning is coming soon, and the water temple lies about a 1/2 day ride away.

XP: 800
A single cloth glove with six fingers
A pouch with 28 GP, 16 SP (These gold coins have weird markings… What appears to be an “eclipse” on one side) inside, and a page of parchment stained in blood, which declares Koran banished from the “Coronal Guard” for treason.


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